Posted: November 21, 2008 in Welcome

Coming to a theatre near you in July…

Miss Toronto Gets a Life in Parkdale

An exciting site-specific multi-media performance

on hijacking the history of beauty pageants in Toronto

Our project is site-specific. Our departure point is a mural of the first winner of the Miss Toronto Beauty Pageant in 1926 that is painted on the west wall of the Rhino Bar & Grill. Parkdale village, including Queen St. W and Sunnyside Pavilion where the Miss Toronto Beauty Pageant took place, are important sites for our production.

Our project is multi-media. Miss Toronto employs a dramaturgy that reflects not only the history of beauty concepts but also media history. We believe that media helps shape constructions of beauty. Each performance segment aesthetically follows the dramaturgy of a specific media format: silent film, radio show and puppetry, television cooking show, slide show, television infomercial, mockumentary and live video stalking.

Our project re-imagines the history of Miss Toronto to recuperate the systematic exclusions of women’s contributions to society, to challenge limited constructions of gender, and interrogate the concept of beauty and its regulation over the female body.

More information regarding show dates and times to be posted next week.


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