As the saying goes: ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE

Collective creation, imagination, improvisation, personal memories, and background research are the cornerstones of our search for material. As a collective we are interested in playful actions that address the oppressive and liberating aspects implicit in the social constructs of beauty, age, and gender.

We use performance – live or mediated – as a tool/toy to open up alternative possibilities for thinking and doing. That is why each segment of our historical journey plays with a specific type of media format like silent movie, radio show, television cooking show, slide-show, and even live video stalking in the diva’s dressing room.

Based on the large mural painted on the outside of the Rhino Bar (see image above) depicting the 1926 Miss Toronto pageant finalists at the local Sunnyside Pavilion, Miss Toronto Gets A Life is a 90-minute affordable high-tech, recyclable low-brow comedic adventure that will display the world and the city in which we live from a neighbourhood perspective. In our show, Eve-the-diva from Parkdale gives Miss-Toronto-from-the-wall a life. Eve frees Miss Toronto from the tyranny of the wall by animating her into a more independent existence as a city-employed Toronto sewage worker.

As the star of our show Eve Wylden (recently featured in The Misanthrope at the Drake Hotel) points out, “There is a fine line between cheese and realism.”

That leaves us with only one question: Will we be able to stop ourselves from crossing the line?

Come to our show and find out for yourself…