2010 Archival material

In 2010, due to complicated circumstances, we had to leave our residence at the pub “Rhino”. The University College Drama Program provided us with rehearsal space when re-working our show and The Theatre Centre in Toronto became our next performance venue. Thus, our site-specific project moved a little further East of the original venue but was still close enough to it’s place of origin. For this show we were joined by our great new performer and musician, Art Babayants, as well as by a number of other exciting people. (see program for more)

2010 Miss Toronto program

2010 Miss Toronto program

You will see that  in our poster and flyer there is a doodled version of the inserted photograph. We did not doodle on the program, that was handed out to audiences, so that they could doodle themselves (crayons were provided) if they wanted to.

2010 Miss Toronto poster/flyer

The poster and flyer was designed by Kathryn Binnersley in collaboration with other members of the Ditchwitch Brigade.

2010 Miss Toronto poster

2010 Miss Toronto postcard/flyer

2010 Miss Toronto press release

2010 Miss Toronto press release

Virtual Mondomagazine interview by Kerry Freek: 

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