2009 Archival material

The 2009 rendition of this show was presented as a workshop presentation in the upstairs performance location of the pub Bar&Grill Rhino  where we developed the first stage of our show between Summer 2008 and May 2009. We were the first performing artists-in-residence at the Rhino. The departure point of our show was the 1990 mural by Walter Rustom which is located at the West side of the pub’s building and which is based on a 1926 historical photograph of the first winners of the Miss Toronto Beauty Pageant. Our show originally was conceived as a site-specific show and therefore is was important for us to present our workshop production at the sit of the pub.

2009 Miss Toronto program

2009_Miss Toronto program

2009 Miss Toronto flyer

2009 Miss Toronto flyer  (photo and flyer design by Antje Budde in collaboration with the Ditchwitch Brigade)

This was our flyer for the 2009 workshop presentation of “Miss Toronto gets a Life_in Parkdale”. The image shows paper street art  at the intersection of Dundas Street West and Lynd Avenue in Toronto in 2009.

2009 One of our video clips, shot in 2008 at Sunnyside Beach/ Sunnyside Pavilion (performed by Eve Wylden, camera: Doug Hamilton, script/direction: Antje Budde. Also on site and co-creating: Tara Gerami and Alexi Marchel)

VIDEO SERIES A Girl dreams of Sunnyside

Not all of this video material made it into the 2010 or 2011 show but was presented in our workshop presentation in 2009.

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Miss Toronto_Inspired by the Toronto Star

Miss Toronto_At Sunnyside preparing

Miss Toronto_Rehearsing the elements

Miss Toronto_Swimming at Sunnyside

Miss Toronto_Fashion victory at Sunnyside

2009 Miss Toronto press kit

2009 Miss Toronto workshop press kit