Antje Budde


AGE: depends on the daytime

HEIGHT: adorable

EYE COLOUR: blue, when dreaming

HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): color changing due to nature; fur like

Hobbies: playing with thought/ artificial intelligence/ memory/ food/ kids/ words/ beach sand/ impossibilities

Training: East-German and mainland (red) Chinese solid education in incomprehensible theatrical dialectics; MA and PhD in post-Wall Germany; ongoing

Three words that describe you best: I’m still searching for them.

Three words that don’t describe you at all: profit making profit

Favourite thing about Parkdale: the pub Rhino, the puppet heads in shop windows, dollarama, people in the streets, myself riding my bike down Queen St. W without getting killed

Past projects: multiple theatre and art projects in Germany, China and Canada

Upcoming projects: Miss Toronto gets a life

Biggest fear: fearlessness

Who is your superhero: true friendly gestures in times of real danger

What do you look for when making an investment: Can I play with it?

Most important thing in life: theatre family friends theatre family

What would you do with a purple crayon: Eat it, digest it and see what comes out. I’m creating art with my GUTS.

What makes you a ditchwitch? I’m a natural born one. Ask my parents! I was digging up flower pots before I could walk. And that’s a fact.

How often did you win the Miss Toronto beauty pageant? Forever never.