Eve Wylden


HEIGHT: 5’6”


HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): dyed black and smooth like velvet

Hobbies: picking up my dog’s poop, trying to pay off my student loan

Training: the University of Toronto, ongoing

Three words that describe you best: sparkly, kooky, vernaschable

Three words that don’t describe you at all: dull, bitter, icky

Favourite thing about Parkdale: edna the crackhead

Past projects: the misanthrope (red light district), ivona princess of burgundia (red light district), save us!!! [hamletown] (harbourfront hatch), the lion that roared meow (solar stage), conscientia (new ideas), et al.

Upcoming projects: make me an offer

Biggest fear: cockroaches

Who is your superhero? my brother, who made the successful transition to middle-class without becoming boring

What do you look for when making an investment? life-long happiness

Most important thing in life: me

What would you do with a purple crayon? use it as lipstick

What makes you a Ditchwitch? i was born one

How many times have you won the “Miss Toronto” beauty pageant? Daily