Jacquey Taucar

AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 5’5”


HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): Nut-Brown, wavy

Hobbies: Hiking, cycling, and skating

Training: For a European cycling vacation

Three words that describe you best: Hungry, Happy, Sporty

Three words that don’t describe you at all: Smarmy, Supercilious, Salacious

Favourite thing about Parkdale: The Sunnyside Pavillion

Past projects:

Upcoming projects: Miss Toronto Gets a Life (May 2009) and Jacquey Taucar writes her thesis (2006 — present)

Biggest fear: Losing my teeth

Who is your superhero?: Buffy Anne Summers

What do you look for when making an investment?: Many hefty returns

Most important thing in life: Is to work towards attaining world peace and adopt as many children from around the world as possible

What would you do with a purple crayon?: melt it into a purple puddle

What makes you a Ditchwitch?: I’ve rolled in one of the biggest ditches – the Grand Canyon

How often have you won the “Miss Toronto Beauty Pageant?”: 5 time runner up