Katie Binnersley

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: short


HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): brown, equipped with free will and avant-garde aesthetics

Hobbies: you-tubing obscure national anthems, reading plays with friends, learning to cook Indian food, long conversations, getting lost, walking cardboard kitchen appliances around downtow

Training: I just about have a drama degree, and I go to a lot of workshops… Woohoo! Workshops!

Three words that describe you best: extrovert, cautious, enthusiastic

Three words that don’t describe you at all: extrovert, cautious, enthusiastic

Favourite thing about Parkdale: It sounds like it thinks it’s a park…

Past projects: walking cardboard kitchen appliances around downtown… and some assorted acting, directing, writing, singing, stage-managing…

Upcoming projects: performing as a kitchen appliance made of cardboard (June 20! Dufferin Grove Park!)… and more assorted acting, directing, writing, singing, stage-managing!! Bring it on!!

Biggest fear: being alone

Who is your superhero? Definitely no one human, and definitely no one not human. So there.

What do you look for when making an investment? What the devil would I invest?

Most important thing in life: Me. (Eve, I totally wrote that before reading your thing. Oh, and I think I’m right.)

What would you do with a purple crayon? Clutch it excitedly, and then not know what to do with it, and then try to pass it off onto someone else… maybe draw something while the end is sharp, first…

What makes you a Ditchwitch? I am secretly a compact trenching machine. Shhh.

How many times have you won the “Miss Toronto” beauty pageant? Ah, well, in my dreams? No, still none. (You’ve seen the dress she has to wear, right?)