Kelsey Speakman


AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5’1 (and a half!)’’

EYE COLOUR: brunette

HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): brown burlap

Hobbies: going to the library, visiting the neighbourhood cats, playing the piano, practicing karate, eating chocolate

Training: obedience and toilet, fourth year at the University of Toronto with an English/Drama specialist

Three words that describe you best: animal, mineral, vegetable

Three words that don’t describe you at all: tall, granular, upside-down pineapple cake

Favourite thing about Parkdale: The Rhino, Mother India’s delicious rotis

Past projects: Stage Manager for Unfriendly Stories (Paprika Festival 2008), Slash TV dot medication (Nuit Blanche 2007), 4.48 Psychosis (UCDP 2007)

Upcoming projects: Mis[place]d Animals (XPACE, January 2009), Dramaturg for Shape of a Girl (UCDP March 2009), Miss Toronto gets a life (Rhino Pub, May 2009)

Biggest fear: vomit

Who is your superhero? Mom

What do you look for when making an investment? an investor

Most important thing in life: love of all varieties

What would you do with a purple crayon? draw a big purple eggplant and eat it

What makes you a Ditchwitch? my super-strong, healthy fingernails (good for digging)

How many times have you won the “Miss Toronto” beauty pageant? depends on who you ask