Mariana Medellin

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5″2′

EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown

HAIR (COLOUR and TEXTURE): Dark brown, semi curly

Hobbies: Play with Cass, play tennis, bake pies

Training: Professional ballet @ Cleveland/San Jose Ballet, La Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, The Quinte Ballet School.  & contemporary dance @ The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and lots of time spent in self discovery

Three words that describe you best: Mexican, loyal, feisty

Three words that don’t describe you at all: Pop, porn, insomnia

Favourite thing about Parkdale: Lots of cats and dogs

Past projects: Worked for Trish Beatty, Danny Grossman, Roberto Campanella, Sebastian Mena, Brian Solomon, William Yong, Jon Osborne and is part of Dusk Dances/BoucharDanse(Sylvie Bouchard) & Kaha:wi Dance Theatre(Santee Smith).  She was recently a part of Tino Sehgal’s “The Kiss” at the AGO and was the rehearsal director for The Red Light District’s(Ted Witzel) Woyzek  About creation, she has presented works for LANZATE, A Choreographer’s Ball, Series 8:08, The Social Movement Fundraiser, Mena’s Production “Luisa’s Journey”, recently produced her own show Philip Glass and Me with an Ode to Jeff Buckley

Upcoming projects: Premiering her piece (-+) Summer of 2011 and will begin working on her next piece this fall. Look for her @ some west end galleries this summer.  She is super excited for being a part of Miss Toronto!!

Biggest fear: Jellyfish & Sharks

Who is your superhero? Gave up on that

What do you look for when making an investment? Its usefulness

Most important thing in life: To live

What would you do with a purple crayon? I’d probably stash it somewhere and forget about it for years

What makes you a Ditchwitch? Eve’s doing, furthermore “all na-tu-ral”

How many times have you won the “Miss Toronto” beauty pageant? 0, too short they say